Volunteer’s Story 2


Volunteers for – ICV, Sussex Police & Crime Commission

I have been an ICV volunteer for a number of years, and during that time have seen many positive changes to the detainee experiences. 

Volunteering is a two way street, I may use my time to visit Crawley Custody but in return increase my self esteem as doing something worthwhile, opportunity to meet others within the team and of course to feel useful and able to make a difference to peoples lives whilst in custody, and to keep our brains working!!

We are fully supported by both the Co-ordinators and the Scheme Manager throughout our work and indeed we always visit as a pair so can discuss issues with colleagues, we do not enter custody without training, monthly training sessions, generally on line, and 6 monthly panel meetings. 

We are welcomed by the police who see our visits as enhancing the detainees time spent in custody, giving us an opportunity to see first hand what custody is like for detainees and not that portrayed by television and films 

We can choose, along with our partner, the time and date of our visit, currently one visit every six weeks or so, this means volunteers can still have busy lives, or indeed be in full time work.  Mileage is paid for our visits and I told my insurance company of my volunteering and there were no extra charges. 

I am more than happy to commit to visiting, training and Panel Meetings to ensure I’m up to date in my practice. 

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