This page outlines a few local groups who are serving Crawley dedicatedly but do not have much online presence. We try to give the little bit of information to people who can’t find them online. For a full list of our members please see ‘Our Members’ page at –




Gravity is a local group which runs a youth club for young people with any kind of disability. It is the brainchild of locals Mo Hussain and Gonca Gul, who identified the need for these young people to have a place to meet for social interaction.

  • They are a disability social club (16+ no age restriction). The majority of their members are in their 20s and 30s.
  • They run sessions every Friday from 7-9 pm. , mostly at Dormans Youth Arts Centre and occasionally have outings such as bowling or Tilgate park walk/picnic.
  • They don’t close during holidays, apart from Christmas, so they are running the club throughout the summer.
  • Apart from some special evenings or outings, charge for an entrance fee is £3.50.
  • 1st session is free to see if he/ she likes it.
  • They have free squash for all and a tuck shop where they sell crisps (50p), chocolate(50p), hot drinks (30p), and canned drinks (70p).
  • Tea, coffee, and squash are free for support workers/carers/families.


Where to find them

The address is:  Dormans Youth Arts Center, Dormans, Crawley RH11 8HZ.

Email ID:

Call them: Mo Hussain – 07877 327567

Facebook:you can visit their Facebook page here. It’s a closed page, but if you request to be added, they will allow you to join the group.



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