Rivers for women: An impactful PRESENCE


RIVERS LPC is a platform that helps women in the community connect with various local services, support, charities, and organisations. They serve as a central point of contact for women from different backgrounds.

At Rivers, they strive to empower women by offering unwavering support in overcoming the challenges they face in their lives. In line with this mission, they are proud to offer a range of valuable services, including Literacy & English classes, employability support, Computer and IT courses. In addition, Rivers will be hosting  a professional coaching  & mentoring course which scheduled to commence in mid-March.

They are fortunate to have the esteemed Jeredyne Stanley as a women’s advocate and a true pioneer in promoting equity and addressing inequalities. The organization is deeply committed to raising awareness about the pressing issue of domestic abuse.

Their work primarily revolves around signposting, ensuring that they guide individuals towards the appropriate resources and assistance they require. They firmly believe in leaving no one behind and are dedicated to providing support to all those who seek it.

To provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of the organisation and its endeavours, please see this video –  YouTube video –Rivers  that delves deeper into their work. the flyers attached here will also give you a deeper insight for the courses below –


Contact Details: 

Do You Need Support, Help or Guidance? Whatever your needs be, you can contact by phone, e-mail, or for face-to-face meetings drop in to the office at:

Centre Address:

PRESENCE Women’s Resource Centre (located inside Bewbush Centre), Dorsten Square, Crawley, RH11 8XW

Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 14:00
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday/Bank Holiday: Closed

Centre Contact Numbers: 0330 057 6006 or WhatsApp: 07539 995328

Email: contact@riverslpc.org

Website: www.riverslpc.org

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