Noah`s Pudding Day Event from DIVERSECrawley



According to the tradition, when the waters of the Great Flood began to recede, Prophet Noah and his family are said to have gathered up all of the food remaining on the Ark and made a delicious pudding out of it. ‘Ashurah’ is the name given to this dish. It is also known as ‘Noah’s Pudding’.

In remembrance of Prophet Noah and in thanksgiving to God, the people of Anatolia have made it a custom to prepare this pudding on this day in the spirit of togetherness and abundance and share it with neighbours and friends, regardless of their personal faith, background and culture. It is now considered a food that represents love and tolerance.

DIVERSECrawley, in association with the Dialogue Society, is organising a special event to celebrate “Noah`s Pudding Day”. Noah’s Pudding is made from an oddment of ingredients that you would not usually expect to mix well together. In a special presentation called “The Life of a Chickpea”, they will be talking about how something good can come about from their interaction and conversation when diverse communities come together.

You all are invited to hear about its story and enjoy live Turkish music performances, as well as Noah`s Pudding tasting at this event on the 29th of July at the Crawley Museum.

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