Volunteers Week – 1st – 7th June 2022.

Mandy Crawford.

As part of Volunteers Week, we spoke to Mandy Crawford, who was looking to volunteer at her local school. An opportunity popped up for Mandy to volunteer for HomeStart, and she immediately jumped at the chance.

Mandy’s role is incredibly varied at HomeStart. She is a home volunteer, so she can visit people in the comfort of their own homes and provide support where needed. For example, some parents need additional help with their children. She also provides emotional and practical support, teaching mums to play, exercise and interact with their children. Mandy has helped mums gain new confidence in the last three years, and she now works closely with four families. One mum said to Mandy: “I know now that I can do anything!”

Mandy said: “I love volunteering because I had a lot of help from family when I had young children. Some families do not have this support and sometimes have no one close by. Depending on the family’s needs, my role can be anything from one hour a week to two-three hours a week. I get an enormous amount of satisfaction from giving back. It can be life-changing for some families. Knowing that you are a non-judgemental person, they know who will show up weekly to help.”

We asked Mandy what the best thing is about being a volunteer for HomeStart and this is what she said: “I am so glad I volunteer with HomeStart. I receive a lot of ongoing training and support from the charity. They are always at the end of the phone if you need anything. They are a fantastic charity changing families ‘ lives, even if it’s to let off steam or a good cry.”

If you are thinking about becoming a volunteer or you are an organisation that is looking for volunteers, be get in touch:

Thank you.

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