The new Heritage 2033 National Lottery programme is open 



Grants from £10,000 to £10million

The application guidance and forms have been updated to reflect the new strategy, materials have been simplified and the requirements are more proportionate to the amount of money you’re applying for.

The Heritage 2033 strategy is centred around a simplified framework of four priorities:

  • Saving heritage
  • Protecting the environment
  • Inclusion, accessibility, and participation
  • Organisational sustainability


For applicants, all four of these principles need to be highlighted within an application. The strength of focus and emphasis on each principle is for you to decide and demonstrate.

Mindful of increased costs for goods and services, and responding to trends in the grant application data, the entry level grants have been increased to £10,000.

To simplify the experience of applying for a grant, Heritage Fund have:

  • improved links between pages on the website so you can clearly see all the information you need to consider before making an application.
  • reduced the length and complexity of the application guidance and the number of questions you must answer.
  • made it easier to explain about your heritage and the project you want to deliver.
  • streamlined the process for grants from £10,000–£250,000 to make applying at that level more seamless.
  • updated the approach to paying out grants, making it easier for you to manage and deliver your project.


For more details, visit the Heritage Fund website here:

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