Day Care Support for people with dementia from the South Asian community



Are you part of West Sussex South Asian Community?

Would you want a Dementia day care service where you, or your loved one, are supported by carers who can speak your language?  Where you know that you will get food that you recognise and enjoy? And, somewhere you’ll meet others from the local Asian community and enjoy fun, and culturally appropriate, activities?


You want to be heard

West Sussex County Council and NHS Sussex are looking to improve the experience of people living with dementia from its South Asian community and would like to gather your views on the best way to support and share information with you.

What would you want a Dementia day care service to look like?  How will it meet your needs and provide a break for family carers?

To explain, a day care service could be within a local community centre or similar community space.  A service like this provides someone living with dementia with support, stimulation and a good meal. The service brings together people living with dementia – providing a space for your loved one to socialise with people who they have things in common with.

Evidence shows that the benefits of such a service slows down the deterioration of physical and mental functions of someone living with dementia and can help with retaining independence so they are able to stay living at home for longer.  It also provides a break for family carers, who may be working themselves, and juggling other responsibilities.

  • Dementia is not something to be ashamed of.
  • Dementia is caused by diseases and is not just a natural part of ageing.
  • Memory loss is just one of many possible symptoms.


How to get involved

They would like to explore with you how a day support service would best support your community and what barriers there might be to getting to, and using, a culturally appropriate day care service.

You can get involved in two ways:                                 

  1. By completing a confidential questionnaire online.
  2. 1-2-1 interviews – together, we will discuss your experiences of the diagnosis and help us identify how best yours, or your loved ones needs, can be met. Please find contact details to register your interest below.



What will be done with the information?

The information you provide will help to identify some of the key issues facing those living with dementia within our South Asian community.  It will help us get the right support to you or your loved one and help you to live well with dementia.

They will produce a set of recommendations that will feed into West Sussex’ Joint Dementia Strategy.


All information that you provide will be anonymised, with none of your personal information being shared.



They understand that coping with any deterioration in yours, or a loved one’s, health is extremely hard.  The lead consultant on this piece of work is of South Asian heritage herself and understands the complexity of feelings around dementia for the family and its community.

If you are able to share your experience to bring about change, and help us get it right, please do get in touch with Dushana Pinfield at , 07769 658506


Fillup the questionnaire at –


It can just be an initial, confidential and anonymous, conversation to discuss if you would like to commit further either by completing a survey or being interviewed.

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