Holistic Wellness Community

The support we have had from Crawley Community Action (CCA) has been beyond our expectations, with their specialist support and knowledge in the opening of the Crawley Mindfulness Centre, now Holistic Wellness Community.

They have supported us from the very early stages when this was just an idea, at this point we alone did not have the knowledge or experience to be able to develop this to what it is today. Holistic Wellness Community is now a fully registered operational charity, working to help improve wellness and mental health amongst the diverse communities of Crawley.

The starting up of the charity, the legalities around this is very complexed and quite a daunting process, without Karl’s specialist knowledge and support in this area I’m honestly not sure we would have ever managed to get the charity registered and up and running.  His continued support with the running of the charity has helped it develop and grow in many ways from compliance, networking and reaching the people most in need as well as all the invaluable support we have received to help us to stay motivated and focused.

Without the support from CCA I can honestly say I don’t think we would be up and running and many people would not now be getting the mental health support they are now getting. This is such a specialist area and we needed the knowledge, support and expertise of others to get this project up and running, we looked into what solicitors and companies charge for this and is something that as a charity we would have never been in a position to pay for.

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