SEDS Connective presents: A Journey in Hyper Mobility Research


SEDS Connective have an exclusive live and very important webinar to share with you.  Please register to join up.  It’s free for members and everyone can be a member or small amount to view without being a member.

Date: 20 November 2022

Time: 2.30 pm


They are the leading neurodivergent symptomatic hypermobility (physical health wellbeing) charity. They have just presented at INSA on school attendance issues for neurodivergent children and young people which is groundbreaking work.


  • Dr Eccles who is their Patron and leading clinical senior lecturer /researcher on these topics  will be speaking about the studies so far on #neurodivergence, hypermobility, pain, chronic tiredness, anxiety and depression. She presents many new studies and will be looking at the history and future of neurodivergence. She recently appeared on Radio 4.


  • Dr Quadt neurodivergent neuroscientist will be speaking about her latest paper on the relationship between neurodivergent, children and young people and chronic fatigue and the role of inflammation in this relationship.


You MUST register in order to attend this event. Tickets are available now, only online here

It is free for members and paid for non member ones.  Tickets are limited and have gone public.

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