“If I hadn’t reached out to you, I don’t think I would still be here.  I was desperate and you spending time with me made a huge difference.” – Joe- 56-year-old white British male.

Overwhelmed by his caring responsibilities, Joe began to experience feelings of depression and anxiety. As a means of seeking support, Joe spoke with his GP, who referred him to Crawley Social Prescribing. Whilst at our service Joe was helped by one of our Link Workers to create a personalised plan of support in order to help connect him with resources and organisations within the community that could help improve his quality of life

Joe’s Link Worker worked closely with him to discuss his issues and identify areas of specific need. To help overcome his concerns and improve his mental well-being, Joe was referred to carer support, benefits advice, and counselling services.

Alongside this, our link worker was also able to Identify support to help Joe eat healthier and lose weight. And when Joe became homeless due to a difficult relationship with his parents, Crawley Social Prescribing were able to support him with completing the application for emergency housing with Crawley Borough Council.  Within a couple of hours of this, Joe was given suitable emergency accommodation and has now progressed into permanent housing, where he is settled and back on his feet.

If you need support, please reach out.

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