Active Sussex

Active Sussex have focused on Crawley over the past year to support societal groups
who find it difficult to be physically active and to address levels of inequalities throughout the borough. Crawley Community Action have provided valuable links to several key groups within the Black and South Asian communities and in areas of high deprivation.

Crawley Community Action have also linked Active Sussex in with delivery providers who are able to reach the most disadvantaged groups and this has resulted in investment that has been used to run activity sessions in Crawley. Active Sussex have made a commitment to expanding this work in Crawley and have invested over £43,000 to tackle physical activity inequalities for adults and children over the last 9 months.

Having been successful in the applying for phase three of the Tackling Inequalities
Fund, Active Sussex will continue to work with Crawley Community Action to identify groups most in need and providers most capable of delivering activity.

Crawley Community Action are pivotal to the ongoing coordination of wider work
through the newly formed Crawley Physical Activity Forum, and we hope they continue to be supported in the extremely valuable work that supports Crawley’s local communities.

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