Summer Trustee Learning Programme



Despite all evidence to the contrary, it’s summer and ‘Getting Onboard’ have two more months’ worth of fantastic webinars to come.  As always all the webinars are free to attend. This is important because it means trustee learning is widely accessible. They’re indebted to the sponsors who help make this possible. Your support means a great deal. You can really made a huge difference and help trustees find their voice, skill up and do their best work by donating. The easiest way is to choose ‘free ticket with donation’ when you reserve your space on a webinar.


Recruitment In-tray

Date: Tuesday 18 June , 12noon-1pm

Panel of experts will discuss real-life trustee recruitment issues submitted by trustees and charity managers. If you are struggling to recruit to your board at all, or to recruit the “right” trustees, this session is for you. Here’s a sample:

🤔 We only have three trustees and we don’t seem to be able to attract anyone else, where should we start?
🤔 How do we go about attracting younger candidates to apply?
🤔 How do you include enough but not too much information to put people off in an information pack?

If you wish to submit a live issue to our panel, please do so when booking (you’ll be prompted).

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Organisations in crisis: the role of trustees

Date: Wednesday 19 June, 4.30-5.30pm

Trustees need to be able to navigate an eye-watering range of crises, from key staff departing to safeguarding concerns, from running out of money to fighting on the board. Although this one-hour session can’t possibly cover all of the possible crises which might befall a charity, it will cover prevention and resolution for some of the most common crises in charities.

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What questions should trustees ask about a charity’s finances?

Date: Wednesday 26 June, 5-6pm

They will spill the beans on the golden questions you need to ask about a charity’s finances. Find out how your curiosity can be a superpower. Most trustees and aspiring trustees aren’t finance buffs, so how do we navigate our way through the mysteries of charity finance to ask the right questions? Questions like:

  • “Should I be worried if the charity only has £500 in the bank?”
  • “Why is an entry showing red on the register of charities?”
  • “How do I know if 3 months kept back for a rainy day is enough?”

This session doesn’t assume any prior financial knowledge and is particularly aimed at aspiring and serving trustees who don’t work in finance.

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What is a trustee and how do I become one?

Monday 1st July 6-7pm

It is believed that so many people have the potential to be excellent Trustees, offering so much to a charity whilst also gaining great skills for themselves. Join this free webinar to find out about becoming a charity trustee.

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A risky business: a guide to risk taking for trustees

Wednesday 3rd July 4.30-5.30pm

Charity trustees are notoriously risk averse. And that’s not surprising given that they are entrusted with the good governance of a charity, with expectations weighing down on them from all directions. Surely trustees are quite right to avoid risk like the plague? Actually, perhaps not. If we are too risk averse, we can miss opportunities, stifle innovation and fail to invest in growth. This session will be ideal for trustees interested in managing risks in their charities, who don’t have professional expertise in risk management.

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The blurred line: how to navigate the strategic vs the operational

Tuesday 9th July 5-6pm

The most common complaint heard at Getting on Board is charity managers talking about their trustees being over-involved in the detail. The second most common complaint heard from charity managers is trustees not being involved enough…

So how on earth do trustees work out where the line is? Come along to hear the panel debate these issues and more.

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To infinity and beyond! An introduction to charity finances for trustees

Thursday 11th July 5-6pm

This introductory webinar is for trustees without a finance background who want to make sure that they are able to engage fully with the organisation’s finances, in order to be an effective trustee. For many trustees, the finances are a bit of a mystery and we’re on a mission to change that!

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How to get rid of trustees

Wednesday 17 July, 4.30pm

Ever found yourself day-dreaming about a trustee-free utopia? Fear not, because we’ve got the event you never knew you needed: How to get rid of trustees (without breaking the law). Now that we’ve enticed you in with that naughty event title, this session will of course tackle serious issues around:

  • Why we let trustees stay past their sell by date
  • Identifying common reasons trustees may feel stuck or reluctant to leave
  • Identifying common pitfalls that can lead trustees becoming ineffective

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Beyond the trustee’s role description

Tuesday 23 July 6-7pm

Every effective trustee needs to understand charity governance and their legal responsibilities (and we have just the webinar for that). However, being an impactful trustee requires more than this. Good governance is essential but not enough.

This session is for those trustees and aspiring trustees who have a passion to take their charity forward, to grow impact, to leave a personal legacy and feel the sense of personal fulfilment from the time they volunteer.

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