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Lockdown’s over and the weather is (sort of) getting better, and at last we can start organising events again.  To help, Charity Excellence have created a simple event planning toolkit, with links to lots of resources.

They’ve also created a very short, 3 step project evaluation toolkit to help you get the most out of what you plan to do.  And part of any project or activity should be thinking about risk.  This risk management resource explains the fundamentals that you can apply to anything.  It can also be used to create a simple risk policy and gives you templates for assessing risk and to create a risk register.

They’ve also been getting questions about what policies a charity should have.  We’re subject to a wide range of laws, all of which trustees are responsible for.  You must have the essential ones but having too many just creates workload you don’t need.  To help you this new policy toolkit explains what is required of trustees and outlines the main ones.

They’ve also uploaded a safeguarding policy template, and a guide to reserves.  We all have a part to play in combatting climate change, so they’ve also created an environmental policy.  It includes 50 ideas that will not only reduce your impact, but also your costs and some can even earn you money.  You can also use many at home.  There are lots of other policies that you can download from within Charity Excellence.

This month they reached 25,000 members – 1200 joined in March alone.  Nearly half rate them 10/10 and everything is completely free, including the Funding Finder database.  If you haven’t joined the Charity Excellence community yet, register here.

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