Tesco Stronger Starts Funding Available


The Stronger Starts programme puts a lot of emphasis on school and nursery school projects, but organisations working with schools and PTA’s can also apply.

Projects may include-

  • Cooking or food related clubs,
  • Themed activities offering food as part of their delivery,
  • Holiday hunger
  • Fit and fed programmes,                         
  • Allotments and horticultural projects encouraging growing food,
  • Projects that encourage healthy eating and exercise.
  • Wellbeing projects may include forest schools,
  • Play area improvements and sports equipment

Please complete the form online by going through the Tesco Community Grants eligibility checker https://tescocommunitygrants.org.uk/apply-for-a-grant/ and then complete the grant application form.


The login page can be found here: https://www.grantrequest.co.uk/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fapplication.aspx%3fSA%3dSNA%26FID%3d36222%26sid%3d26&SA=SNA&FID=36222&sid=26

Each Tesco region is made up of several Tesco Stores. If your catchment area covers more than one Tesco region you can apply in all areas simultaneously but please contact Elizabeth Mienert at Elizabeth.M@groundwork.org.uk  first to confirm the region boundaries as only one application can be considered in any one Tesco region. She can advise you if this is possible in your area and confirm the boundary lines.

Applicants that have already received funding can reapply for this round, but they will need to have to have submitted a completion form for their previous grant before their new application is considered. If you are not sure or have lost your password then please do contact ‘tescostrongerstarts@groundwork.org.uk‘ to get password access to your previous application and resubmit.

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