Crawley Interfaith Network (CIFN) welcomes you all to join the next Crawley Inter Faith Network activity on ‘ POETRY : THE LANGUAGE OF RELIGION

Venue: The Longley Room, Crawley Community Action, The Orchard, 1-2 Gleneagles Court, Brighton Road, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 6AD

Date: Tuesday 28th February 2023

Time: 19. 30 hrs.


CIFN is hosting an evening which will focus on ‘Poetry : The Language of Religion’. The format for this event will include the presentation of one of BBC Radio 4’s Beyond Belief programmes, of the same title, in which representatives of different Faith Communities express profound ideas about faith, through poetry. You can view it here.

There will be the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas which arise from the broadcast and if you wish, you are welcome to offer examples of poems and other literature that seeks to express deep and meaningful imagery that reflects strongly held belief.


Also, you can see the activities page : https://www.crawleyinter-faith.com/crawley-inter-faith-network-activities/

Facebook page – Crawley Interfaith Network | Facebook and the CIFN WhatsApp group.
Please pass this invitation to other interested members of your Faith Community.


CIFN-CRAWLEY INTER FAITH NETWORK which is supported by Crawley Borough Council and the Longley Trust, welcomes any who wish to join the Trustees in serving the local community. This involves promoting harmony and good will by organising inter faith activities.

You should live within the Borough of Crawley, have an interest in commonly held beliefs and acknowledge the differences which inevitably emerge. This inspires an understanding and respect for others and most importantly, a feeling of personal satisfaction and self-worth.

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