Trustee Leadership Programme by Cause4


This is a national programme  run by Cause4, in partnership with the Clothworkers’ Company. It trains people of all backgrounds to become charity Trustees, giving participants the skills and confidence that they will need to join a charity as a Board member, first-hand insights from senior charity experts, and linking participants with charities seeking new Trustees.

“10/10 because there is not a 10+!” – Cristiane S, ViiV Healthcare

This programme will be a virtual 2-part course, taking place on 18th May and 19th May.

The programme is structured as follows:

Module 1: Overview of the Charity Sector and the Importance of Trustees

Module 2: Governance & Strategic Planning

Module 3: Financial Management

Module 4: Introduction to Fundraising

Interested individuals can sign up by following this link

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