Updates on Benefits

The Department for Work and Pensions are providing updated information on Coronavirus and claiming benefits.

With the changes to Benefits happening so quickly with the Covid- 19 outbreak, Social Welfare Training have summarised recent announcements:

  • Universal Credit/ Tax Credits –¬†¬†Standard Allowance increase
  • Local Housing Allowance Increase for HB and UC Claimants
  • Reviews and reassessments for disability benefits are being suspended
  • No requirement to attend jobcentre appointments for three months
  • New Claims for Universal Credit up by 100,000s- request backdating if computer delays
  • Free School Meals replaced by vouchers
  • schemes for employed and self employed to have up to 80% of wages paid- consider a claim for Universal Credit in the meantime.

They have also put together a Briefing document, available here, which they will be keeping updated.


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