Safe in Sussex : Free ACE and Trauma Informed Training


Free Training Available                                       

Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma Informed Practice.

This 2-hour online Home Office funded training, which focuses on recognising the impact of ACEs and trauma and working in a trauma informed ways to improve outcomes.

This course will focus on the long-term trauma which can occur because of adverse childhood experiences and the impact, this can have on emotional and behavioural regulation and self-esteem. During the session they will examine the impact of early childhood trauma on the brain development and the risk this present if no protective factors are in place.

The training looks at tools we can use to apply this knowledge in our day-to-day work with the aim of working in a Trauma Informed way to try to ensure better outcomes for those who have experienced childhood adversity.


There are morning and afternoon session available to book your place follow the link

Morning Sessions:

Afternoon Sessions:

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