Postcode Society Grants

The funding is intended for smaller charities and good causes in the south of England to make a difference to their community.

Local charities and other not-for-profit organisations based and working in the south of England can apply for grants of between £500 and £20,000. The funding levels available varies by the type of organisation applying.

The funding is for projects in the South of England that have a clear link with one of the Trust’s themes:

  • Improving mental wellbeing
  • Enabling community participation in the arts
  • Preventing or reducing the impact of poverty
  • Supporting marginalised groups and promoting equality
  • Improving biodiversity and green spaces
  • Enabling participation in physical activity
  • Responding to the climate emergency and promoting sustainability
  • Increasing community access to outdoor space.

The funding should be spent within 12 months and can be used for project or core funding.

A funding round will open each month until October 2021, closing once 100 bids have been submitted. Once a round has closed, organisations who did not get to apply are encouraged to apply in the following month’s round.

Dates for rounds are:

  • 1 March to 15 March
  • 1 April to 15 April
  • 3 May to 17 May
  • 1 June to 15 June
  • 1 July to 15 July
  • 2 August t0 16 August
  • 1 September to 15 September
  • 1 October to 15 October

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