Police Property Act Fund

The Police Property Act Fund is providing small grants of up to £500 to support some of the work that charities or groups are doing in the community in response to COVID-19.

Even if you are not a registered charity, if you have someone that can vouch that the local group are assisting in the community where they can evidence your work, have volunteers, flyers etc. then Sussex Police just need to be satisfied with how this money is going to be spent and Olivia Carroll will just need to agree it as a sponsor.

For example, they have recently funded a small Mutual Aid group where donations are given to foodbanks and local groups who are creating activity packs or to support volunteers with purchasing of petrol, hand gel or face masks.

To find out more and apply, please visit their website here.  Once the online form is submitted, they will then be in touch about how to proceed further.

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