Office Furniture available from Crawley Borough Council


As you are probably aware Crawley Borough Council will be moving into the new town hall next year.  There are a number of items of office furniture which they will not be moving and are looking to see if there is any voluntary and community organisations that may benefit from these.


They will have:

  • Wooden desks, pedestals and end of desk bookcases – some available very soon
  • Grey desks and pedestals – available most likely Easter next year
  • Wooden cupboards and bookcases – available now
  • Metal cupboards and filing cabinets – available now
  • Meeting room tables and chairs – available next year
  • Other items such as white boards / flip charts / notice boards
  • Office chairs – available next year
  • Reception furniture (chairs) and some small sofas – available next year


If you are interested, please contact Sarah Barnes at

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