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Share your experiences of using GP (General Practice) services in the last six months

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge strain on the NHS and also impacted how the public access health services. Staff at GP practices have been working hard to deliver the vaccine program, catch up on the backlog of treatments and respond to new ways of working such as offering video and telephone consultations and providing online consultation software such as e-consult.

These new ways of accessing GP services have worked well for some people, allowing them to save time and get the help they need, quickly. But for others it’s been more difficult, time-consuming and frustrating to access support when they need it.


How you can help 

A survey has been run through for GP staff to understand how their roles have changed during the pandemic, what practices do well, and what challenges they face.

Now they need to hear about your experiences of accessing GP services so they can help the NHS understand what is working well and what could be better, so that together solutions can be found.

Tell us about your experiences of accessing GP services in the last six months. Feedback is sought on how you contacted your GP practice, how you booked an appointment and how your appointment went. Please complete the survey The survey will be open until the end December.


Shared Decision-Making Project

Healthwatch in Sussex believe that comparing lots of different people’s experiences help them, and in this case the NHS, to learn what is and isn’t working. They are asking people aged over 18 years to share their experiences of living with physical pain. As by focusing on what matters to you, helps you to have more choice and control over the way your pain management and care is planned and delivered. Your answers are important as they will help to shape the design of services, as the NHS will be re-purchasing (commissioning) services from April 2023 to help people see the right person/clinician at the muscular skeletal services.

“Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions account for 30 per cent of GP consultations in England. Low back and neck pain are the greatest cause of years lost to disability in the UK, with chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis affecting more than 8.75 million people in the UK.” –  


To access the survey, use this link: The survey will be open until the end January 2022.



If you have questions about these surveys, or would prefer to complete this over the phone, or have a paper copy please call 0300 012 0122 or email

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