GHU Celebration on Saturday 4 May in the Queen’s Square


Gurjar Hindu Union will celebrate the installation of the 12 feet Statue of Lord Hanuman at Apple Tree Centre in May 2024. To commemorate this auspicious event, GHU has been given permission to share the celebration in Queen’s Square with the public of Crawley.

GHU is delighted to invite other charities and community groups to participate in this event. This will be a valuable opportunity to connect with the community and share your organisation’s non-commercial information and activities. You are welcome to have your table/stall/chairs on the day to share your group’s information with the people visiting the Queen’s Square on the day.

Please complete this form and send to GHU at For any queries contact 07833252551. 

Booking Form: Booking Form

Date and time :Saturday 4th May. Set up 09.00 hrs, to be ready for 10 a.m. End at 3 p.m.
Location :Queen’s Square, Crawley RH19 1DE
Purpose :Charities/organisations/community groups (Groups) to share their non-commercial information with the public of Crawley
Allocation :Is limited and will be done on first come first served basis. On the day, GHU volunteer will be available to guide you the space allocated for your group.
Facility :Please bring your own gazebo, table and chairs etc. Nominate a member of staff to represent your organisation. Bring any literature, artwork or other handouts to engage with members of the public.
Name of the organisation :
What do you plan to share :
Contact name, email and mobile number :


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Booking: The stall booking is considered confirmed upon confirmation from GHU.
  2. Cancellation: Any cancellations should be notified to GHU.
  3. Responsibilities: The Groups are responsible for setting up and managing their stall
  4. Health and Safety: The Groups must comply with all health and safety regulations, ensuring the safety of stall staff, volunteers, and attendees. Any specific health and safety requirements should be clearly communicated.
  5. Insurance: The Groups are responsible for obtaining the necessary insurance coverage for their stall, including public liability insurance. Proof of insurance may be required prior to the event.
  6. Behaviour and Conduct: The Groups and its representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times. Any behaviour deemed inappropriate or disruptive may result in expulsion from the event.
  7. Clean-Up: The Groups encouraged to follow “clean as you go” policy. Also you are responsible for cleaning up your stall area at the end of the event, ensuring it is left in the same condition as it was found.
  8. Indemnity: The Groups may be required to indemnify and hold harmless GHU against any claims, damages, or losses arising from their participation in the event.
  9. Changes and Amendments: GHU reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions, event schedule, or stall allocation if necessary. Any changes will be communicated to the charity/organisation in a timely manner.
  10. Compliance: The Groups must comply with all rules, regulations, and guidelines set forth by GHU and Crawley Borough Council (details available on request).
  11. Parking: there will be no parking of vehicle in Queen’s Square. Vehicles should use available town centre car parks.


Contact: Ashwin Soni

T: 07833252551

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