ESF Community Grants

The Education and Skills Funding Agency is making ESF Community Grants available through London Learning Consortium (LLC), with grants up to £20,000 available.

Grants will need to support:

  • engaging with marginalised individuals and support them to re-engage with education, training, or employment.
  • activities aimed at assisting the disadvantaged or excluded to move closer to the labour market by improving their access to mainstream ESF and domestic employment and skills provision;
  • the hardest to reach communities and individuals, especially those from deprived communities, to access employment or further learning and training.

Participants must be 16 and over, with those particularly targeted:

  • over 50 years of age
  • with disabilities
  • from an ethnic minority
  • Women
  • Parents/mothers
  • Carers
  • Groups with low labour market participation
  • Migrants and refugees
  • Homeless
  • Ex-offenders

For more information, please contact LLC, visiting their website here.

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