Funding for COVID-19 Digital Response

Grant funding and support worth up to £60,000 is available to charities affected by COVID-19 needing emergency funding to continue to deliver essential services and are part of a formal or informal network of at least 10 charities organisations.

Funding from £5,000 to £60,000 will support the development of digital, data and design capabilities that allows charities to address urgent issues and serve the most vulnerable. They need to commit to sharing their learnings with their network

Charities will need to support groups that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. This includes working to:

  • connect with older people;
  • connect with disabled people;
  • provide advice and support to people who are pushed into crisis;
  • support those who are in medical care or end of life care;
  • provide essential items directly to families who are hit hardest;
  • support people who experience health inequalities;
  • support people who experience loneliness and social isolation;
  • support people who experience poor mental health;
  • support children and young people to achieve their potential.

The programme is organised into two parts: a four-week Discovery phase, to help charities understand and research the problem they are trying to address, and a 10-week Development phase, to develop a digital solution. Charities can either get funding for both parts or just one.

Application deadlines are :
Discovery Programme – 17:00 on 7 September
Development Programme – 17:00 on 20 September

Find out more here.

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