Covid-19 Members survey

Results from all the responses received to the Covid-19 survey held in April are detailed below.
These have provided a valuable initial picture of the immediate impact the crisis had on local organisations.

We are grateful to all the organisations that took part.

Survey results

Is your organisation still providing activities / services at this time?

  • 62% of organisations said that ‘yes’, they were open and providing activities/services.


Are you experiencing any change in demand for your normal services as a result of Covid-19?

  • In terms of demand 27.5% reported increased demand; 37.5% experienced a decrease and 35% stated there had been no change.


If you are currently unable to provide your usual level of support to service users what is the main reason(s)?

  • The main reason organisations are unable to offer their usual level of support is, unsurprisingly, new social distancing measures. The most common barriers are venue closures and being unable to offer alternative face-to-face activities. Some respondents also commented that their clients were, at this stage, unwilling/unable to use online means of communication.


At this stage are there any resources which you could potentially make available to help other organisations deal with the Covid-19 Support Effort?

  • When asked if their organisation could offer any particular resources to the community, 30% mentioned volunteers and 12% staff.


Are you actively looking for more volunteers to help you at this time?

  • 90% of organisations stated that ‘no’, they were not looking for new volunteers.


Before Covid-19 did your organisation have a business / contingency plan?

  • In terms of having a business/contingency plan in place before Covid-19, 54% said that they had a plan in place.


Have you, or do you plan to access, funding to help you through this period?

  • Asked if they planned to apply for emergency or contingency funding 58% responded that they would be doing this.


How long will these reserves allow you to continue running your organisation?

  • 80% of organisations had some level of appropriate reserves in place whilst 18% have none at all. For those who said that they have reserves in place, 30% stated they had 12 months or more; 33% 6 to 12 months. Only 8% said their total reserves covered a period of less than 3 months.


Is there a possibility that your organisation could close?

  • Asked if there was a possibility that their organisation could close, a very heartening 79% said they were confident that this would not be the case. A further 11% stated they could close in the next 12 months. Only 1% felt there was a chance they could close in the next 3 months.


Please indicate if any of the following services would be of use to you at the current time

  • When asked what support they would like to see in place from Crawley Community Action, 94% wanted help identifying suitable funding; 22% wanted to a booked telephone/video call to discuss their needs in more depth and 11% wanted help with volunteering issues. Interestingly, a great deal of respondents chose to not answer this question, suggesting it was not clear at that stage what help was required.

Moving forward

We will continue to work with our member organisations to support the valuable community work being carried out now and in the future. To ensure our support is targeted at areas of demand, we will be using surveys and questionnaires.

We are planning a series of online meetings for member organisations, with the aims of

  • addressing issues being experienced
  • offering support
  • providing learning opportunities
  • enabling collaboration
  • maintaining local networks.

The first of these meetings is a Funding session being run with Sussex Community Foundation in July.

We continue to work closely with colleagues in Crawley Borough Council, West Sussex County Council and the West Sussex Voluntary Sector Alliance, to support and develop community and volunteering opportunities in Crawley.

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