The COVID-19 pandemic, financial inequality and mental health

Mental Health Foundation has led a study carrying out regular surveys of more than 4,000 adults in the UK since mid-March in order to find out how the pandemic is affecting people’s mental health.

With information from this, they have now published the briefing The COVID-19 pandemic, financial inequality and mental health.

The briefing recommends a number of actions to be taken, in particular by Government, and concludes:

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a huge strain on people’s mental wellbeing. Our longitudinal study on the mental health effects of the pandemic shows that the burden of mental distress is borne disproportionately by those with less economic security. In some cases, these are people facing considerable existing challenges, such as those with existing mental health problems surviving in a destructive cycle of poverty and mental distress, or those facing structural inequalities due to belonging to an ethnic minority group.

Unless action is taken to protect vulnerable people’s economic security and support them in dealing with the resulting stress, mental health inequalities are likely to be exacerbated as the pandemic and the ensuring economic downturn proceed.

Find out more and download a copy of the briefing here.

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