Better Health and Care for All Survey


NHS Sussex wants better health and care for all across Sussex, today and in the future. They want everyone to live longer, healthier, and fulfilling lives and have access to the best services and support when they need them. To do this they need both short- and long-term changes.

Right now, health and care services are under significant pressure, which we know will increase over the winter months, due to the impact of cold weather on people’s health, as well as the impact that the cost of living crisis will have on some people’s health and wellbeing.

Health and care organisations in Sussex have been working together to plan and prepare this winter, whilst also developing the 5 year plan to achieve better health and care for people and communities.

They can’t focus on everything, so they need your help.


👍 How do you feel about the NHS?

❄️ What would help you and your loved ones stay well this winter?

📌 What should our ambitions and priorities be?

🏠 What’s important to you where you live?


Let them know by completing the survey:     


Closing Date: 6 Nov 2022

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