Putting Communities First

Putting Communities First is a 12-month programme which will support communities to respond to the challenges caused by Covid-19. Crawley Borough Council has received £45,000 funding which it is using to provide grants to support communities identified as being most effected by Covid-19.

The Council will be providing funding to organisations which meet the funding criteria, as well as demonstrating resilience and sustainability. Full details about the programme are available on the on the Crawley Borough Council website.

Putting Communities First will be supporting community organisations that are responding to the challenges of Covid-19. This might include voluntary sector organisations already working in the town, or new groups that have good ideas for how they can respond to the challenges caused by Covid-19.

Crawley Borough Council is keen to receive applications from new and small community organisations, including those who have never applied for funding before. Crawley Community Action is working with the Council to ensure that these organisations can access this funding and develop innovative community responses. We will therefore be offering our support to groups that would like to apply to the Putting Communities First Programme.

We will be running a workshop in early January 2021 to support all groups considering making an application for funding.  This will be particularly helpful for new groups who have not applied for grant funding before or who may lack confidence in this area.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Planning your project
  • Preparing a basic budget
  • Making the case for funding
  • Common errors and top tips for successful grant applications

To register your interest in joining our Putting Communities First workshop, please email toby.shaw@crawleycommunityaction.org.

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