Parkinson’s UK and Healthwatch West Sussex Awareness Raising

Healthwatch West Sussex and Parkinson’s UK will be hosting two webinars during Self-Care Week (15th to 19th November).


Healthwatch & Parkinson’s UK have two aims:

  • First aim is to raise awareness of Parkinson’s from the lived experience – hospital settings, medications, caring for someone with Parkinson’s – to help contextualize what it is like to live with the health condition to promote a more personalise approach.
  • Second aim is to raise awareness of the work of Healthwatch West Sussex.


The webinars are to raise awareness of Parkinson’s, contribute your thoughts and to seek answers to any burning questions that you may have.

  1. The first webinar for healthcare staff: Tuesday 16th November 2-3.30pm. Book your place here.
  2. Second webinar for patients, and those supporting or caring for someone living with Parkinson’s: Thursday 18th November 4-5 pm. Book your place here.


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