Moonwalk London 2022 – Volunteers needed!!



Walk the Walk is the UK’s largest grant-making breast cancer charity that is dedicated to not only raising money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes, but to also encourage women and men to become more aware of their own potential for fitness and wellbeing. They organise the famous MoonWalk overnight power walking challenges and are immensely proud to have raised over £133m, which has been granted to research into breast cancer and to improve the lives of people living with cancer now.


This year all are so excited to be back with the live event! Moonwalk London is taking place on Saturday 14th & 15th of May 2022 and they need volunteers for this– lots of them!! Thousands of amazing volunteers help the walkers get through the night and into the morning back to Moonwalk City in Clapham Common.


Any interested volunteers can sign up via registration website here or email at

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