LGBTQ Inclusion and Allyship Webinar

Brighton & Hove Switchboard are running their Allyship webinar on 19 November from 14:00, for anyone who would like to learn how to better include and support LGBTQ service users and colleagues.

Learning outcomes from the 2.5 hour webinar include:

  • To understand a range of LGBTQ identities and the language used to describe these.
  • To understand some general health inequalities and other challenges experienced by LGBTQ communities, in order to support LGBTQ inclusion efforts.
  • To have a basic understanding of the requirements of the Equality Act.
  • To explore steps that services can take to be more inclusive of LGBTQ service users and staff.
  • To review information for signposting people to LGBTQ-specific support.

Places are £30 (+ non-refundable £2.93 Booking Fee.)

Find out more and book here.

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